Fabrizio Dal Moro

Fabrizio Dal Moro

Full Professor

Telefono: +390498218599

Phone lab: +390498212734


1999: Specialization and Training in Urology (5-year course) - School of Urology – University of Padova, Italy - Programme Director: Prof. Francesco Pagano, FACS
1995: Qualified by the Italian Government as Medical Doctor
1994: Medical Doctor Degree (6-year course) Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - University of Padova
1988: High School Diploma at “Liceo Classico R. Franchetti” (Venice – Italy)

2018-present: Associate Professor of Urology, University of Padova, Italy.
2012 – 2018: Assistant Professor, DiSCOG, Urology Clinic, University of Padova.
2001 –2012: MD - Full member staff, Department of Oncological and Surgical Sciences, Urology Clinic, University of Padova – Padova General Hospital.
2002 –2012: Adjunct Instructor at the School of Urology. University of Padova, Italy
2009 – 2011: High Specialty in Female and Functional Urology at Padova General Hospital, Padova, Italy
2000 – 2001: MD - Full member staff, Urology, at S. Antonio Hospital, Padova

  • Extensive surgical experience as First Surgeon/Assistant on OPEN (>1800 cases), ENDOSCOPIC (>300 cases), LAPAROSCOPIC AND ROBOTIC UROLOGICAL SURGERY (>800 cases)
  • Excellent ULTRASONOGRAPHY skills and PROSTATIC BIOPSIES (>1000 cases)
  • High interest on Urologic Oncology, Reconstructive Urology, New Technologies
  • High expertise on “Aviation/Medical CRM, non-technical skills, checklist, briefing, debriefing, safety report” (Lecturer @ Master “Clinical Risk Management” and “Aerospace Medicine”)
  • In depth knowledge of and extensive experience on IT

- Awards:
ERUS 2017, Bruges
First Prize Best Video “P.L.E.A.T. - Preventing lymphocele ensuring absorption transperitoneally: A novel robotic technique”

EAU 2016, Munich
Best Poster Award in Cystectomy in 2016 Session “How to manage bowel division easily, cheaply and safely during intracorporeal robotic urinary diversion? LUCS: Lighting from Urethral (Cystoscope) Side!”

EAU 2014, Stockholm,
SIU 2014, Firenze  
First Prize Best Video “CORPUS: novel COmplete Reconstruction of the Posterior Urethral Support after robotic radical prostatectomy” – [*FIRST TIME FOR AN ITALIAN UROLOGIST*]

EAU 2011, Wien    
Best Poster Award in Radiotherapy Session “Transperineal approach insertion of pro-space…”

EAU 2006, Paris     
Best Poster Award in Surgery Session “The York-Mason approach to repair of iatrogenic rectourinary fistulas: a 15-year experience” prognosis, new effective therapies against these neoplasms are in high demand.

1 -Nature Rev Urol 2018
Dal Moro F. DRAW: the value of anatomical drawing in the 21st century.

2 -Aging Clinical and Experimental Research 2018
Dal Moro F, et al. Does 1.5 T mpMRI play a definite role in detection of clinically significant prostate cancer? Findings from a prospective study comparing blind 24-core saturation and targeted biopsies with a novel data remodeling model.

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6 -Medicine 2015
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7 -Urology 2014
Dal Moro F, Crestani A, Valotto C, Zattoni F. CORPUS: novel COmplete Reconstruction of the Posterior Urethral Support after robotic radical prostatectomy: preliminary data of very early continence recovery.

8 -Br J Cancer. 2013
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10 -Kidney Int 2006
Dal Moro F, et al.  A novel approach for accurate spontaneous prediction of spontaneous passage of ureteral stones: support vector machines.