Clinical and Translational Gut Immunology

Immune-mediated disorders refer a group of conditions which are characterised by common inflammatory pathways leading to inflammation, and which may result from, or be triggered by, a dysregulation of the typical immune response. In the last years, we are focusing our research in this group of diseases, including esophagitis autoimmune gastritis, coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel diseases (Corhn’s disease and ulcerative colitis). We aim to comprehensively and systematically characterise mechanisms of immune dysregulation that contribute to their pathogenesis; to identify possible contributions of environmental factors, including eating habits; to identify and validate new therapeutic targets; to evaluate the effect of these conditions on the quality of life and work disability.



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2008 - Title of The Research Project “Pathogenic Mechanisms And Common Therapeutic Strategies In the Immune-Related Dermatopathies Associated To Chronic Enteropathies” Funded by Italian Ministry of Instruction, Research and University – PRIN 2008

2016 - Title of The Research Project “Impact of Chronicity on Disability State and Quality of Life in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis” Funded by the Italian Group of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IG-IBD)


People involved:

Fabio Farinati, Full Professor
Edoardo V. Savarino, Associate Professor
Imero Angriman, Associate Professor
Fabiana Zingone, Associate Professor


Group members:

Anna D’Odorico, Francesca Galeazzi, Brigida Barberio (Consultant Gastroenterologists), Cesare Ruffolo, Marco Scarpa (Consultant Surgeon), Sonia Facchin, Ilaria Marsilio, Daria Maniero (Research Fellows), Greta Lorenzon (Research Nurse)