Esophageal Diseases

Research Topics

Multimodal treatment of esophageal cancer.
Staging and treatment of early esophageal cancer.
Minimally invasive and robotic esophagectomy.
Cancer Cachexia.
Esophageal Cancer Organoids.
Computational model for the simulation of functional esophageal disorders.
Evolutive behavior of achalasia.
Treatment of gastro-esophageal reflux diseases.
Esophageal tissue engineering.


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People involved

Stefano Merigliano (Full Professor of Surgery)
Mario Costantini (Associate Professor of Surgery)
Michele Valmasoni (Associate Professor of Surgery)
Renato Salvador (Assistant Professor of Surgery)
Lucia Moletta (Assistant Professor of Surgery)
Elisa Sefora Pierobon (Attending Surgeon)
Gianpietro Zanchettin (Attending Surgeon)
Giovanni Capovilla (Research Fellow)
Luca Provenzano (Research Fellow)