Orthopedics and Orthopedic Oncology

Overview of the research lines:

Primary and metastatic bone tumours in adults and children
Benign and sarcoma tumours of soft tissues
Complex reconstruction after wide resections (custom-made prosthesis and extendable prosthesis)
Evaluation of clinical and radiological outcomes in musculoskeletal traumatology
Elective orthopaedic surgery (arthroscopy and prosthesis implants) of hip, knee, and shoulder
Foot and hand surgery
Pediatric orthopaedics surgery


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People involved:
Ruggieri Pietro, MD, PhD - Full Professor
Angelini Andrea, MD, PhD - Associate Professor
Berizzi Antonio, MD - Associate Professor
Biz Carlo, MD - Associate Professor

Group members:
Pala Elisa, MD, PhD - Medical doctor